After lots and lots of stitching my quilt is complete!! A four day sewing retreat at lovely Ferndale on a bend of the mighty Hawkesbury River north of Sydney gave me complete focus to get it together…..its a huge 84 inch square, perhaps the biggest quilt I’ve done……ever!!
I’ve told Miss Bonnie, the mystery quilt designer at Quiltville, that next time I am only making half the required pieces!!


Taking the week OFF!

I have been sucked into the holiday season……Easy Street has taken a back seat this week! I have cut all the components and they are sitting next to the sewing machine but the comings and goings has not let me get at them!

EASY STREET UPDATE…hanging in there….week 4

It’s still a work in progress……I have been busy with a birthday present for a dear sewing friend that is almost complete and I will blog about it shortly…..but, this is all about Easy Street…
As you can see I am still sewing flying geese…it sure is a large flock LOL I have all of their right wings on, so just another pass through and they’ll be done….
I am loving the accuracy of the easy angle/companion angle system…the blocks have been spot on size wise, so I am happy…..so much better than trimming down or the frustration of too small blocks….Bonnie’s tuition has made a big difference to my patchwork! Thanks Bonnie!!

Another thing I learnt whilst watching Quiltcam was an app called Pandora…..you can select your genre of music from what is like a radio station…..and the more you tell it you like or dislike their playlist the better their selection becomes…..I have been tweeking the christmas playlist and enjoying some old classics and remembering long forgotten favourites..


Life on Easy Street is quite good..I am enjoying the distraction from the madness of the silly season where I can retreat into the sewing room and stitch! Several visits to Quiltcam (one even at 6am Monday morning) helped me get into gear with cutting the required ‘ parts’! Thanks for visiting Bonnie, you’re a welcome guest, even if the teenagers roll their eyes and say ‘Oh Bonnie’s on” LOL and leave! I did mention Duck Dynasty to them and they are going to check it out..fancy their mother being able to tell them something about a TV show they didnt know about!’ Just a peek at the show’s website gave me a giggle! OK onto the progress to date……I have included the lime green, the only colour not yet to be used..cant wait!’


Phew! Week one four patches completed without a moment to spare! Thanks to an early Sydney morning Quiltcam I was able to cut all of the parts required for step 2…I am loving using the Easy Angle and Companion angle rulers….thanks to Bonnie for the demo on the correct way to use them!


I’m going to take a leap of faith and participate in Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt.   I have followed her colourways with the exception of swapping the grey ‘constant’ for a hot pink!